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The very best way to have the Bethlehem Experience — is to become a part of it!

You are invited to discover Christmas in a new way by participating in the Bethlehem Experience. Perform in costume, help build and decorate the sets, prepare costumes and props — be part of the magic!


What is the Bethlehem Experience?

For those unfamiliar with the Bethlehem Experience (or "BethEx" as we call it), it is our drive-thru reenactment of the night our Lord and Savior was born. For one amazing weekend in December, every other year, our church grounds are transformed into the "little town of Bethlehem" of Zero A.D.

BethEx offers our community, free of charge, a chance to drive through the bustling village of Bethlehem at the time of Jesus' birth. Visitors will drive past the Magi camped on the outskirts of the village, shepherds watching their sheep, Centurions and tax collectors at the gates to Bethlehem, villagers in the marketplace selling First Century goods, the Inn that turned away Mary and Joseph, and, of course, the Nativity scene with Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus.

BethEx is not only our Christmas gift to the Conejo Valley community, but it has become a family tradition here at WPC. It is a fun way to involve your family, friends or even small groups and share your talents with the church and the community all while celebrating the true meaning of Christmas!